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Canada Immigration

Canada has emerged as a favourite destination among Indians for studies, work and settlement. With a big population of people of Indian origin you feel at home while living in one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world. Canada offers high standard of living, world class universities and welcomes immigrants with open arms. The Indians living in Canada are called Indo Canadians or South Asian Canadians. The migration of Indians to Canada started in the late 19th century with Sikhs being pioneers. Today 50 percent of the Indian diaspora in Canada are Punjabis.

In last few years many people of Indian origin has risen to the top positions in politics, business, media and sports. There are many possible ways of migrating to Canada

  • Study: Choose a University or College that is eligible for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). After completing your studies apply for PGWP. The validity of PGWP ranges from one year to three year. After gaining Canadian Education and work experience you are very likely to get Permanent Resident of Canada and subsequently a Canadian citizen.
  • Permanent Residence: There are several ways to become a PR of Canada. Based on your profile and situation you can apply for express entry, provincial nomination, Care Giver Visa, Atlantic Pilot Program. Canadian government regularly announces new ways of immigrating to Canada.
  • Spouse of a PR: If you are a Spouse of a Canadian citizen or PR you can apply for PR directly.
  • Family in Canada: If your parents or children are Canadian Citizen or PR you are eligible for Visas which has a validity of 10 years
  • Convert your Visitor Visa to Study or Work Visa: It is possible to convert your Visitor Visa to Study Visa or Work Visa after reaching Canada. However it is not recommended.

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236, Mukherjee Nagar, JMD Building, Near Spicy Saga
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